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AP DSC 2014 Notification District Wise Vacancies List 12803 Teacher posts

AP DSC 2014 Notification official apdsc.cgg.gov.in:

AP DSC 2014 Notification District Wise Vacancies ListThe much awaited AP DSC NOTIFICATION is going to be released. The AP DSC NOTIFICATION 2014 is going to be released on 5th September. Good news for all the aspirants who are eagerly waiting for the AP DSC 2014 NOTIFICATON. AP DSC has not released any posts regarding recruitment of teachers for the past 6 months due to elections. Now AP DSC is going to release an official notification regarding recruitment of number of posts. Due to the pressure from the candidates for the exam has increased the AP DSC also planned to release the notification as early as possible. Now all the officials of AP DSC 2014 are immersed in the work to release AP DSC 2014 NOTIFICATION. Sources from the officials state that there will be some changes regarding the exam pattern.

AP DSC 2014 Online Application Form Apply:

The notification which is going to be released on 5th September will be the first notification released by the new government of Andhra Pradesh i.e. TDP. They have made some crucial changes regarding the AP DSC NOTIFICATION and made some changes in the exam pattern. AP DSC has said that they will release the DSC notification very soon. Firstly they said that they will release vacancies of 10603 and latter they added 2200 posts for municipal schools, ITDA vacancies and now a total of about 12803 vacancies. AP DSC NOTIFICATION will be for the posts of second grade teachers (SGT), school assistants for Telugu, Hindi, English, Maths, Physics, Biology and Social Studies, language pundits (LP) and physical education teacher (PET).DSC 2014 exam syllabus for this year will be same as that of in 2012. Officials have clearly mentioned the district vacancies and number of vacancies for each post very clearly so that the candidates have clear information about the vacancies.

Latest AP DSC TET Combined Exam DSC 2014:

There are some changes regarding the AP 2014 DSC exam pattern and AP DSC exam syllabus 2014. The AP DSC has officially stated that they are going to merge both TET (teacher eligibility test) and DSC. So with this combination of TET with DSC may lead to complete change of exam pattern and this change in exam pattern has started to worry all the candidates and many doubts has been raised about this exam pattern. Officials of DSC has said that there will be a single exam where written test will be for only 180 marks and remaining 20 marks are as weight age for those who  attempted TET exam previously. So with this all the candidates have got clear information about the exam pattern.

Detailed AP DSC 2014 NOTIFICATION govt Teacher jobs in AP:

Name of the organisation: AP DSC

Job role: Second grade teachers, school assistants, language pundits, physical education teacher

Number of vacancies: 12803

Posting area: various districts across Andhra Pradesh

Note: AP DSC Exam Pattern Changed Syllabus Same for new exam pattern of AP DSC 2014 link is given Below.

Official notification date: 5th September 2014

Exam date: 13th December to 15th December 2014

AP DSC 2014 Result date: 24th January 2015

AP DSC 2014 DISTRICT WISE VACANCIES List in Andhra Pradesh:

Name Of the District SA L.P PET SGT Total
Srikakulam District 220 103 21 375 719
Vizianagaram District 104 33 07 218 362
Visakhapatnam District 307 59 28 793 1187
East Godavari District 192 120 19 884 1215
West Godavari District 123 84 00 394 601
Krishna District 104 49 13 213 379
Guntur District 159 43 23 682 907
Prakasam District 79 16 21 723 839
Nellore District 57 42 10 307 416
Chittoor District 221 182 09 1194 1606
 Kadapa District 104 40 06 206 356
Anantapur District 57 106 15 1108 1286
Kurnool District 122 98 13 497 730
Total Number Of Vacancies 1849 975 185 7594 10603

NOTE: Additional 2200 posts have been added for municipal and ITDA vacancies so the total number of vacancies are 12803.


1. Secondary Grade Teacher SGT Posts -7594

2. School Assistants SA Posts -1849

3. Language Pundits LP Posts -975

4. Physical Education Teacher PET Posts -185


  1. Srikakulam District wise vacancies

School Assistant: 220

Language Pundits: 103

PET (Physical Education Teacher): 21

SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher): 375

Total Posts in Srikakulam District: 719

  1. Vizianagaram District wise vacancies

School Assistant: 104

Language Pandit: 33

PET (Physical Education Teacher):07

SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):218

Total Posts in vizianagaram District: 362

  1. Visakhapatnam District wise vacancies

School Assistant: 307

Language Pandit: 59

PET (Physical Education Teacher): 28

SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):793

Total Posts in visakapatanam District: 1187

  1. East Godavari District wise vacancies

School Assistant: 192

Language Pundits: 120

PET (Physical Education Teacher): 19

SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):884

Total Posts in east Godavari District: 1215

  1. West Godavari District

School Assistant: 123

Language Pundits: 84

PET (Physical Education Teacher): 0

SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher): 394

Total Posts in west Godavari District: 601

  1. Krishna District

School Assistant: 104

Language Pandit: 49

PET (Physical Education Teacher):13

SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):213

Total Posts in Krishna District: 379

  1. Guntur District

School Assistant: 159

Language Pandit: 43

PET (Physical Education Teacher):23

SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher): 682

Total Posts in Guntur District: 907

  1. Prakasam District

School Assistant: 79

Language Pandit: 16

PET (Physical Education Teacher):21

SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher): 723

Total Posts in prakasam District: 839

  1. Nellore District

School Assistant: 57

Language Pandit: 42

PET (Physical Education Teacher):10

SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):307

Total Posts in Nellore District: 416

  1. Chittoor District

School Assistant: 221

Language Pandit: 182

PET (Physical Education Teacher):09

SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):1194

Total Posts in chittoor District: 1606

  1. Kadapa District

School Assistant: 104

Language Pandit: 40

PET (Physical Education Teacher):06

SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):206

Total Posts in kadapa District: 356

  1. Anantapur District

School Assistant: 57

Language Pandit: 106

PET (Physical Education Teacher):15

SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):1108

Total Posts in Anantapur District: 1286

  1. Kurnool District

School Assistant: 122

Language Pandit: 98

PET (Physical Education Teacher): 13

SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):497

Total Posts in Kurnool District: 730



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