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KASPERSKY’s GLOBAL THINK TEST Win $25000 online Game on 6th September 2014


KASPERSKY's GLOBAL THINK TEST Win $25000How many years will it take for you to earn $25,000? For a student it may take more than 10 years and for an employee it will take around 3 years but we will show you the way to earn $25,000 in just 24 hours i.e. through global think test challenge. Do you have high IQ among your friends, are you good at solving puzzles, brain teasers and numerical then you may be the strongest contender for winning $25,000. This global think test challenge is not only for those who are good at puzzles and numerical it is for those who are interested in gaming and also for those who are good at music. All you need to do is just spare 24 hours of your time and register in this event. No need to pay any fee for this registration and challenge. You can win this global think test $25,000 by sitting in front of your system. Everyone who is reading this have many doubts in their minds about how to play it and how to win it. We are here to clarify all those doubts and make your way to this great event. The first and foremost doubt that comes in your mind is about what this global think test is and what its uses are. We will give you all the answers for these questions.

Global Think Test Prizes for Winners

Kaspersky labs along with Mensa are organizing this event. According to the survey more than 29% of people around the globe play online games and with this event they want to bring every one under one roof. Is playing games in online is your hobby then with your hobby you can win a prize of $25,000 if you play in this event. This global think test challenge will start on 6th September 2014 and last for only one day so in order to win this prize you need to spend as much time as possible on 6th September 2014 before internet to clam this. This creates a platform for those who are interested in gaming, solving puzzles, listening to music and also allows you to compete with the best in the world.

KASPERSKY’s GLOBAL THINK TEST Win $25000 online Game on 6th September 2014:

Kaspersky labs and Mensa has joined hands with the F1 giants Ferrari and legendary cricketer Sachin tendulkar. Ferrari is going to have some games in this contest and Sachin tendulkar is the brand ambassador for this event. And kaspersky labs have released a Sudoku game in the name of sachin tendulkar as “tendulko”.  The main motto for this is to keep people who use internet, safe from the cyber-criminals.

“Being alert and focused can help you win computer games, but can also help you keep cyber criminals at bay. We can avoid so many threats by simply being alert,” says Eugene Kaspersky, Chairman and CEO Kaspersky Lab. “If something is too good to be true, it most probably is. And in most cases there are tell-tale signs that a website is fake. If you’re not distracted by other things and are trained to stay focused, you should be able to spot them.”

Global Think Test Questions and Answers

With this global think test kaspersky labs want to keep people engaged in playing games for 24 hours so that people are not distracted to the malicious sites and cyber-crimes so with this they can reduce these crimes to some extent.

All you need to do is play games which you like most and score points. If you score points than others and you have a chance of winning $25000 on the day of challenge and you also have a chance win other prizes by leading regional boards. The challenge will start from 6th September 2014 and the result will be declared on 7th September. The player who scores more points in less time will be awarded as a winner. Not only $25,000 for the winners and the others who played well can also win some prizes in global think test like F1 experience, signed cricket bats by legend Sachin tendulkar, signed Ferrari gloves, Google nexus tablets, canon cameras, play station 4 and many number of vouchers which you can use in Amazon, Google play, iTunes and spotify.

How to Play Online Global Think Test Game?

Before starting to play you need to know what are the games present in this challenge are so that the game which you play easily can be selected. The games like all types of puzzles, brain teasers and variety of questions about sports and music too. After playing games you can check your score in your profile and you have two leaders board i.e. one for global leader board and regional leader board. There will be separate prizes for global leader boards and regional leader boards. With this we expect that you have a clear cut idea about what is global think test, prizes in global think test and many others. Now we think that many contestants are eagerly waiting for this challenge to start and they want to show their IQ to the world and win many prizes. Now here we wish all the contestants to play the global think test challenge on 6th September. Now you can visit official website and start practicing in the challenge so that you can excel at the time of 6th September. Visit official website www.globalthinktest.com for all the details.

Visit Official Website of Global Think Test

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